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Geographic Effects on Our Past

Conner Lewis, World History 4                                                                              8/27/14
Thoughts and Reflections On: Location, Location
Article by Sharon Begley

                                                      Geographical Effects on Our Past

Geography is very important to history for many reasons, but most of all because of climate and natural resources. Areas of the world such as Siberia lack many resources that are needed to advance as a civilization and people. While it is certainly possible to survive in places such as this, it is difficult and resources common to other parts of the world, such as the abundance of trees, are lacking. This makes advancing in technology difficult because of how hard it is to get the basic gear. In these harsh climates domestic plants and animals are also rare, and keeping them alive and healthy is very difficult. This makes it very difficult to get a rising population in such harsh a location.  Southern Africa, which isn't nearly as extreme as Siberia, has none of the wild grasses of its northern half, and no real way to reach them. This shows that even more mild climates than Siberia and the Sahara can be lacking in resources. The mild climate of Eurasia also allows for agriculture and domesticated animals because of how much lived there naturally, unlike places such as Australia and Africa. This allows for population surplus and that inevitably leads to specialists because now not all of the population is needed to hunt. Specialists then start inventing, which often times help the farmers grow even more food, so that the growth and population rate continue to rise exponentially. This growth is also a breeding ground for disease, which over time the people grow immune to. Smaller populations such as the tribes of Australia are not large enough to spread these diseases and so they never become immune. This is why the Spanish brought diseases that wiped out North America. They were immune, but still carriers, and the natives were not. That is how geography is important to history.