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How Man Spent Time + Discussion Questions

Conner Lewis, World History 4                                                         9/5/14
Thoughts and Reflections On: This Fleeting World Chapter 1
Book by David Christian
Published by: Berkshire Publishing Group
Published: 2007
                                                     How Man Spent Most Time
Man has spent nearly all of his time on the earth foraging in a nomadic, or at least partly nomadic, lifestyle. They gathered resources from nature and had to continue moving in order to find fresh food sources. While some were much less nomadic than others, with several places they returned to often, they were all nomadic to some degree. Places of particular abundance and the use of fire-stick farming caused some populations to become more sedentary because they could increase the food output of nearby areas or they were already so high they needed to move less. They used foraging as the main source of getting food because of several reasons. One reason was that it is natures most common way to get food. Most large animals move around to either hunt or gather plants or both. The second reason is that agriculture was not inherently obvious. It took hundreds of thousands of years to accumulate the knowledge required to properly farm. Many of the advances were very small so the change was not obvious to an individual, but rather a very gradual increase in overall knowledge.

Discussion Questions:
1. How large can a forager group realistically grow, what is the max?
2. Was farming inevitable through adapting and changing environments, or what it coincidental that our technology let to agriculture?
3.  Do foragers along the shore, without the ability to fish, need to work more or less for their food?
4. If groups were tied through kinship and family, what led to conflict and how large could they
become, would one family fight another?
5. What drove the invention of technology such as the bow, what it necessity for better tools, or desire for an easier hunt?

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