Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Chinese Map Activity

          The physical features of China affected Chinese early development in a way similar to India. In China, the ways to the east, west, and north are blocked by terrain, similar to India. To the east, the Pacific Ocean and Yellow Sea stop most traffic from this route. Then to the north the Gobi desert stops settling and traffic from this direction, and finally to the west the Tibetan Plateau and Himalayas stop settling or traffic as well. This means that the people of China are forced to settle in the area between the Yellow and Yangtze rivers, which also is very fertile. This blocked in area means contact to outsiders is difficult, which helped support their theory of being the center of the world. This theory also supported the Chinese belief in superiority, which spewed hatred and bigot-ism towards those considered lesser. They considered most outside their realm to be barbarians, such as the Mongols and Xiongnu. This isolationism also meant that the large population, which grew due to growing high yield rice crops and fertile soil, was crammed in a small area of land. While this land was still the size of Europe, it also held a fourth of the world's population. This cramped society, along with the Mandate of Heaven supporting and justifying rebellions, meant that many dynasty's would rise and fall in Chinese history.

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