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Thucydides: The First Historian

Conner Lewis, World History 4                                                                                      1/12/15
Thoughts and Reflections On: History of the Peloponnessian War
Book by Thucydides
Thucydides: The First Historian

         Thucydides' method of recording history was to only use information which he had confirmed through either his own account, or through talking to the first hand account of another person. he would then use several people's accounts, especially from different perspectives and plausibility, and then use the accounts to figure out what most likely occurred. He would attempt to get the most accurate accounts possible, so that his descriptions of wars and events would be as close to reality as he could make it. He also wrote without romance or embellishment so that the readers would have the most accurate account of what actually occurred. In this way he was very different than Herodotus, who was more of an entertainer than a true historian. Thucydides also tried to remove his own bias from his writing.
Thucydides did not write for the people of his time, as Herodotus did, but instead for all future generations. He did this in the hope that lessons could be discerned from what happened, and so that the next generations would not make the same mistakes and could possibly avoid the same events that would have otherwise repeated themselves.  

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