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Emperors Trajan and Hadrian

Conner Lewis
World History Period 4
Hadrian Book Back
  On the tenth of August, 117 A.D., one of the greatest emperors since Augustus takes the throne of the Roman Empire. Publius Aelius Hadrianus, commonly known as Emperor Hadrian or even ‘Greekling’, was hispanic noble born to the wealthy senatorial class who was destined to become an emperor whose marks on the world persist even to this day, eternal reminders of the greatness of Rome and of Hadrian’s ability and skill. His father being the paternal cousin of the current emperor, Emperor Trajan, Hadrian was well connected to the Roman upper-class. After his father’s death in 86 A.D., Hadrian became the joint ward of both a noble Roman, and of emperor Trajan himself. It was this guardianship that would set Hadrian on a path that would define the Roman world. 
  Although initially disappointing, Hadrian soon proved himself an adequate commander, and during his early adulthood he rose through the ranks of both politics and the military, becoming a respected member of Roman society. Discover how the promising young commander mysteriously rose to become emperor, as his adoption was signed by Trajan’s wife, Plotina, Hadrian’s good friend, and not by Trajan himself.
  Through possibly false documents and political murders, Hadrian was able to secure the throne and still remain blameless. Hadrian quickly proved a capable leader, and was adored by his subjects. He travelled the empire, granting aid to the poor, and saw more of his empire than any other Roman Emperor. Discover the true story of the emperor that would divide modern cultures with only a wall. A story that involves romance, murder, intrigue, rebellion, and that would define parts of the world that would persist to the modern day.

Shelby Jorgensen, Period 4 Apr. 15
Bock Description On Trajan

Caesar Nerva Traianus Divi Nervea filius Augustus more commonly known as Trajan was one of Rome’s greatest Emperors. He ruled from 98 A.D.-117 A.D.. He rose through the ranks of the Roman army until being nominated consul. Shortly after he was adopted by Nerva and following his death became emperor. Apposed to many Roman Emperor Trajan’s rise to power was rather peaceful and uneventful. But, it has been mentioned that he could have imposed his will onto Nerva in order to be named heir. 
Trajan was a ruler of the people. Looking more towards the Plebes over the senatorial class. He indulged in many rebuilding projects in Rome, including Trajan’s market, Trajan’s forum, and Trajan’s column, depicting scenes from the war with Parthia. He was also recorded as a fantastic military leader which is shown through his skill in the wars against Dacia and Parthia. Under his reign, Rome was the largest it had ever been. The senate eventually gave him the name optimus princeps meaning best ruler.

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