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Rome/USA Comparison

Conner Lewis
Rome Emperor & President

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1: Fallible

Nero, Caligula:
-   Psychos
  • Supposed to be Gods (Apotheosis)
  • Not meritocracy

George Bush Jr, Nixon, Clinton:
  •   Made unlike decisions
  •   Not stopped by government
  •   Wary for new presidents

2: Invisible Congress/Senate

Loss of Senates Power, invisible to people, made unimportant decisions
  • Ceremonial
  • Used out of respect
  • Power over people obviously gone

Congress is invisible due to media, where true power is
  • Powerful
  • Unknown due to media
  • “Secret” Elections

3: Power Loss

Emperors lost control of empire, Praetorian guard
  • Empire slowly succeeded and fell
  • Praetorian Guard determined life length
  • Legion Commanders were very powerful

Media shows president holds little power in government
  • Can veto, not much else, marines
  • Less respect for weaker position
  • Media criticizes president for things he does not do, but he can't

4: Buy Presidency

Didius Julius, Bribe Praetorians, Otho
  • Didius bought title
  • Otho paid Praetorians
  • People and Senate saw any rich commander or man could be emperor

Donations to presidents and candidates, in pocket of companies
  • 1.325 billion in 2012 elections 
  • 981 Million from individual, 1 from Pac, 5 Cand
  • Highest bidder as president
  • Run more adds
  • President in pocket of companies
  • People know this, loss of respect, not care for people just companies

5: Easily Attained

Barracks Emperors, 14 in 33, need military only or emperor relative, Year of 5 Emperors,
  • Barracks Emperors
  • Military could just take position
  • Buy Empire
  • Relatives and favoritism
  • Not a Meritocracy

Bought, Fallible presidents show bad leaders get in
  • Presidency could be bought
  • Fallible presidents show you must only be a good talker
  • Governmental Dynasties

6: Solution/No understanding of government

Roman Empire was autocratic, no method for succession, no real system
  • Autocratic, held only through power
  • Succession crisis almost every time
  • No system, Emperor demanded something it “happened”
  • Chose heir

US people think President is leader, holds very little power, people don't know this
  • President holds no power
  • Media makes him seem in power, blame falls on him
  • Media hides Congress and Legislative branch

Educate populous on their Congressional leaders and representatives through more ads for congressmen, subsidize to report on Congress

General Problem:
The respect for presidency and emperor both lost its value as time went on due to incompetent leaders. This leads to dissension and the lack of trust in the government.

How to fix this:
Educate populous on their Congressional leaders and representatives.

Roman Problem:
The deified emperors were very fallible, often crazy and murderous, and the position was so easy to take through force that it was much less respected.

1: Fallibility of “gods”
2: Switched hands so much, disregarded as anyone could take it
3: Senate lost authority, and so did the Emperor, no reassertion
4: Paranoid, could switch hands at any moment: Barracks Emperors
5: Had no legitimacy from people or Senate, only the previous emperor or as conqueror

  • Roman Republic had Dictators for Life (Julius Caesar)
  • Imperator (Roman Victorious General) became Emperor
  • Roman Emperor took more power
  • Augustus was loved
  • Became divine position
  • Fault: Fallibility of man degrades trust between people and leaders, especially if the leaders claim to be otherwise
  • Unlike Kingdom, Empire is ceremonial
  • Senate treated with respect but useless
  • Senate without power gave Emperor no legitimacy
  • Princep, first citizen
  • Consul
  • Emperor’s word became law
  • Gave food for popularity
  • Augustus set model
  • Blood is unimportant for dynasty
  • Position remained in power
  • Praetorian Guard chose people
  • Apotheosis
  • God on earth
  • Incompetence and size
- 14 BE in 33 years


USA Problem:
The fallibility streak of previous presidents, as well as the low down attitude, as well as the invisible congress leads to a disregard for the position.

1: Previous presidents have tarnished the position, showing that even a fool can get in
2: President’s down to earth attitude
3: Social Media and Recreation
4: Invisible Congressmen
5: Lack of governmental understanding

  • Congress lost respect for several presidents
  • Military questions presidents actions
  • Medias job, since the constitution, helps keep information free
  • acts as a check on presidential decisions, can influence popularity
  • disrespecting office
  • Ok to question, dont disrespect office
  • disrespect of congress refusing meeting
  • Birth fiasco
  • Governor mad at him
  • Yelling in congress meeting
  • People consider themselves better than president
  • Previous presidents George Bush ruined the name of presidents
  • Showed fool could get in
  • In order to attain votes, presidents act down to earth
  • Causes lack of respect as people assume president is “on their level”
  • Social media allows for free information, good
  • Focuses on failures of presidency
  • causes cynical nature
  • Congress, true power in the government, makes no publicity
  • Unknown
  • Allows president to take all of the blame fore country
  • Many people do not understand how the government runs
  • assumes president controls everything
  • Need to see who congressmen are and what congress does
  • Media for elections and president leads to this attitude of unknown congress


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