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Political Refugee, Rose and Eli's Story, Chapter 3 Migration

Conner Lewis
Ap Human Geography

Forced political migration from Lebanon to escape religious and ethnic strife taking place across the country.

The story is from Rose and Eli Deeb, the great grandparents of Hayden Kayyem, who were Lebanese and now live in the United States after a long and difficult journey.

Where she was born
  • Lebanon
Situation before moving
  • somewhat wealthy
  • not much hope
  • actually had a nice life in Lebanon
    • Eli didn’t have to work
    • Rose had people working for her
Decision to move
  • never knew when a war would take place in Lebanon
  • America = place of hope and opportunity
    • land of beauty
    • the promised land
  • did it for their children
The Trip
  • left Lebanon in 1928
    • came to New York
    • didn’t have right documentation
    • had to go back to Lebanon
    • back on the ship, where rose got sick
  • heard that migrating from Cuba would help them get into the united states
    • migrated to Cuba and stayed for 2-3
      • where my great aunt was born
    • stayed until they realized they were not going to get in
  • ship back to Lebanon

  • 5-6 years later
    • my great great grandmother, who lived in Kentucky, helped them with their paperwork
      • went to Lebanon to aid their efforts to get to the united states
    • with her help, they managed to arrive in the united states
  • took 12 days to arrive

Situation here
  • after arrival: they moved to Kentucky, where my great great grandmother lived and owned a shop
  • Rose had to learn to be independent
  • 10 years in Kentucky:
    • never liked it
    • with 5 children, it was hard in the city
  • Eli visited his cousin in California
    • fell absolutely in love with it
      • reminded him of Lebanon
    • bought a house
    • came back to Kentucky and moved his family to California
      • this showed his family the light that the united states had to offer
Integration afterwards
  • Rose and Eli had to go to school to get their citizenship papers (along with their kids)
    • during this time, FDR was president
      • their teacher raved about what a great president he was
      • ever since then, the Deeb family has been democrats

*still every time my grandmother wants to go to Lebanon, there is some crisis occurring there.

Essential Details List:
1. Lebanon was in political strife due to certain ethnic and religious groups being in conflict with the government.

2. Cubans could still move to the United States freely, and it was considered common.

3. Lebanon and other Middle Eastern nations were ruled by European powers at the time, ones which mistreated the local populace.

4. The United States had a very difficult immigration process, requiring papers most people did not have access to.

5. There had already been a revolt, the Great Syrian Revolt, and many Lebanese did not want to go through another one.

List of Terms:
Kinship Links
Internal Migration
Image List:

[Open with child in middle east]
Picture of Lebanon
Picture of child

[Nice Childhood]
Picture of nice family

Picture of nice house
[Good situation and family]
Picture of marriage

Picture of family
Picture of nice house

[Didn’t have to work]
Picture of servants
[Show trouble brewing, unrest]
Show riots
Show concerned faces
[Show riots etc]
Show worse riots
Have the parents have a concerned conversation
[Idyllic photos of United States/Freedom]
Then have the parents talk about the U.S.

Show pictures of flags, etc.

[Looking at children, did it for them]
Show parents looking fondly at children
[Show long journey on boat, not comfortable]
Show boat
Show miserable family
[Show up at Ellis Island]
Show Ellis Island
Show happy faces

[Customs officers look disapprovingly]
Show officers looking disapprovingly
Show officers telling them they have to return
Show sad faces
[Forced back on awful ship]
Show ship again

[Rose gets sick]
Show sick woman
[Look at Cuba as choice]
Show them back at their house
Have the parents looking sad
Have the parents converse about Cuba
Have them go to Cuba,_Cuba.jpg

Have them look happy
Show a newborn
Show a 2-3 years later sign
Have them look sad

[Go but dont want to]

[Child was born]

[Chose to leave after no hope of getting in 2-3 years]
Have the parents talk about going back

[In Lebanon for a long time]
Show the boat back to Lebanon
Show a 5-6 years later sign

[Show Kentucky Relative]
Show state of Kentucky

Show old woman

Show airplane

Show Lebanon

[Meet at Lebanon]
Show family meeting the old woman

Show the old woman doing paperwork

[Finally arrive in New York]
Show them in New York

Really happy faces

[New life as not wealthy]
Show them in a smaller house

[Adapt to new area]
Show them looking around

Show a picture of Kentucky
Show a picture of Kentucky landscape

Have them picturing Lebanon in a thought bubble

Have them look concerned

[Help in Kentucky Shop]
Show a Kentucky store with the parents in it

[Don’t like Kentucky 10 years]
Show 10 years later sign

[5 children, hard life]
Show them struggling and looking overwhelmed with five kids

[Travelled to California]
Show the dad taking a plane

Caption it saying traveling to California
Show California

[Loved it]
Show happy man

[Like Lebanon]

[Showed the light and hope of US]
Show an airplane with a caption that says the family moving to California
Show happy family

[Got citizenship]
Show the family in a class and caption it something like getting their citizenship

Show the family happy

[Children integrated into school and world]


Leaving Lebanon: The Journey that took a Generation


Lebanon - 1900’s

The Ottoman Empire had just lost much of the Middle East to European powers after the end of WWI.

These European Powers, however, were not nearly as capable at managing the diverse cultures and religions of the area.

In Lebanon and Syria, France took control and began to replace local leaders with French Officials in an effort to “teach the populous how to run a government”.

This, along with the mistreatment of the Druze and Alawites religious groups, led to large scale riots and protests throughout the 1920’s and on. Then, the French cracked down on old ruling families, stunting their power, leading to a full scale revolution.

The Great Syrian Revolt, as it was called, was lead by leaders of old wealthy families in an effort to drive the french from the Middle East.

While the Revolution was quickly put down, lasting only 4 months, the riots continued long afterward, causing many wealthy christian families to be forced to leave to escape persecution by the angry populous.

Story - Beginning
Rose, a young Lebanese Girl lived in a perfect home. She had a very loving family,

And lived in a very large Mansion.

While living in Lebanon she met Eli, And they were soon married.

They had two kids while living in Lebanon, And were very wealthy compared to those around them, Living with servants, and not needing to work

But Lebanon was experiencing a lot of turmoil. Lebanon was not even a nation, With France still ruling much of the government, while abusing the very large Muslim and Druze Minorities in the region. These Minorities were often in conflict with the French Colonial government in an effort to gain freedom.

Eli and Rose could sense the rising turmoil, and often considered leaving for the sake of the children.

As the Lebanese Riots continued to worsen, there were often rumors of another possible civil war.

This was too much for Rose and Eli, as a wealthy Christian family, as it would put them and their children in great risk. 

Eli - The Riots are Getting Worse.
Rose - Maybe we should migrate to the United States.

They started having conversations about moving, and the place that first came to mind was the United States. Eli Had Kinship Links in the United States, Giving them More of A reason to migrate over.

To Rose and Eli, and many of the Lebanese people, The United States represented a place free of the religious and ethnic turmoil which plagued Lebanon and Syria under the French.

It represented somewhere where they could practice their faith, as well as escape the growing dangers of Lebanon.

And in the end Rose and Eli Decided to Immigrate to The United States for Their Kids.

They were forced to be refugees due to the crisis at home. They had to travel by ship, and the journey was long and uncomfortable, as they had to leave their life of luxury behind.

In 1928 Rose an Eli, and their two kids, left Lebanon for New York.

They, like most immigrants, arrived at Ellis Island for customs to enter the United States.

The Family was happy to have finally arrived in US, and to have escaped the rising tensions in Lebanon.

However their experience with the customs was not what they expected.

They had forgotten many key documents which they had not known to bring or known how to acquire. They Then Were Deported Back to Lebanon.

Customs Officer - You do not have the right documentation and need to go back.

Like many immigrants to the United States, they were turned away and forced to journey all the way back to Lebanon.

And once more, they had to travel across the Atlantic Ocean, a journey made worse as they knew they would be returning to a dangerous country.

To make matters worse, Rose got very sick during the journey, with no present medical care.

Against their will, they had to stay in Lebanon, as riots and unrest got worse and worse.

Rose and Eli were crushed, with no idea of what to do next.

Rose - I still Think We should Move to the United States.

Eli - I’ve Heard it is easier to get in through Cuba.

Then, Rose and Eli heard from some friends that they could get into the United States through Cuba without as many papers.

So they took a gamble and sailed once more, this time for Cuba.

At this Time, Cuba was still on Friendly Terms with the United States, allowing free immigration.

Finally, the family had hope again.

While in Cuba, Milly was born, their third child.


Rose and Eli then had their fourth Child, leading to their desire for a stable life to grow.

However, it had been three years and their papers were still considered to be processing.

So, upon realizing that they were not going to get in, they decided to move back to Lebanon,to live in their old home.

So, even though it was dangerous, they decided to live with family rather than waste their time in Cuba.

Back in Lebanon, they had friends and family, but tensions were still getting worse.


Meanwhile, in Kentucky, Eli’s Mom heard of her son’s trouble, and decided to help. 

She had moved earlier, after Eli had married Rose, to live an easy life in the United States.

She decided to travel out to Lebanon to help her son.

She returned to Lebanon after several years.

And was greeted by Friends and Family which had not heard anything of her.

However, she got right down to business, knowing what papers were needed, having gone through the process.

And so, Rose and Eli finally reached the United States after another grueling trip to Ellis Island.

And now, the larger family could finally live in safety after 15 years.

They lived with Eli’s Mother.

In a home not even a sixth of the size of their old one.

To them, Life in Kentucky was hard.

The culture and people were foreign and strange.

And Rose finally had to learn to be independent of her previous wealth.

Eli even started to have dreams of returning, despite the fact that it had gotten worse.

The entire family had to work in Eli’s mother’s small store, and they barely scraped by.



Even after such a long time, the family never grew to like Kentucky.

So, to see a friend and to experience the rest of the United States Eli travelled to the West Coast

Specifically he went to California.

He instantly fell in love with it, the place reminded him of home.

So he and the rest of the family decided to move, and to become truly independent.

To the rest of the family, California showed them the beauty of the United States they had dreamed of.

So they went through and became true citizens of the United States.

And they started to truly integrate with American culture.

As the children, with one new on born in the US, started to socialize with other children.

And eventually, they all became integrated into American politics as well, becoming firm democrats.

And so the 25 year journey of Rose and Eli’s migration came to a close, beginning their new life away from the dangers of home.


The Great Syrian Revolt, and the riots which followed drove many Lebanese from their home, with many like Rose and Eli heading to the United States.

At the end of WWI, the European powers took land which had been managed effectively for centuries by the Ottomans, and abused its people.

This drove the separated cultures and peoples of the Middle East to united under the goal of driving the Europeans out.

It gave Lebanon an identity separate from the Ottomans or the Europeans, as a separate and united people.

And While Many Christians in Lebanon fought against European rule, the more wealthy families were targeted as supporters of french rule, as they received better treatment by officials.

And in the end, this drove hundreds of refugees to flee their homes in search for a safer life here in the United States.



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"Chapter Three: Migration"

Conner Lewis
October 13

'"In Syria, I'll find people I know," she goes on. "I'll be among my own people. It will be OK. Whatever happens, happens."' - BBC World News

Syrian refugees wanted to escape warfare and poverty but 86% of Syrian refugees lived below the poverty line in the nations they moved to so many Syrian refugees decided to move back into war torn Syria to try their luck, then more and more civilians were killed in air strikes.


The area around Israel and Palestine have seen large amounts of political refugees and migration over the past several decades, with hundreds of thousands of Jews moving to Israel due to influence by the British and those escaping Soviet persecution, and many Palestinians being forced out of their home as the Jewish population clears the Muslims to make way for more Jewish settlement. These refugees tend to go to Jordan. Syria has also seen many refugees leaving the country as many factions vie for control of the nation and force many to leave as it is simply very dangerous. These refugees often go to Turkey or Jordan.