Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"Chapter Three: Migration"

Conner Lewis
October 13

'"In Syria, I'll find people I know," she goes on. "I'll be among my own people. It will be OK. Whatever happens, happens."' - BBC World News

Syrian refugees wanted to escape warfare and poverty but 86% of Syrian refugees lived below the poverty line in the nations they moved to so many Syrian refugees decided to move back into war torn Syria to try their luck, then more and more civilians were killed in air strikes.


The area around Israel and Palestine have seen large amounts of political refugees and migration over the past several decades, with hundreds of thousands of Jews moving to Israel due to influence by the British and those escaping Soviet persecution, and many Palestinians being forced out of their home as the Jewish population clears the Muslims to make way for more Jewish settlement. These refugees tend to go to Jordan. Syria has also seen many refugees leaving the country as many factions vie for control of the nation and force many to leave as it is simply very dangerous. These refugees often go to Turkey or Jordan.

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